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Non-Binary Literary Content Creators

There aren’t a lot of trans and enby folks doing visible work in books and publishing right now, and sometimes it can be hard to find those who are. The trans book bloggers, vloggers, and other literary content creators who I follow are listed below. Aside from generating their own content, they are also amplifying trans voices in the industry, and promoting trans authors and writing.

Note: If you are a trans and/or non-binary content producer, and you would like to be featured on this page, please send me a message through the contact page!

Corey’s Book Corner (in memoriam)

Bogi Reads the World

Sapphic Book Club

Yarn Owl Reads

actual spinster

perpetual pages

Polo Lonergan


A. Z. Louise

Et tu, Brody?

Bowties and Books

Oceans of Novels

Books Beyond Binaries is proud to support Santana Reads’ Blog and Bookstagram, and Reddie to Read on Booktube!

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Trans and/or Non-Binary Literary Agents

If you are an author seeking professional representation for traditional publishing, there are a few of us trans and/or non-binary agents in the biz! Those posted below have given their permission for their information to be shared here.

Claire Draper: non-binary literary agent with The Bent Agency.
Pronouns: They/Them

Zabé Ellor: trans literary agent with The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency.
Pronouns: He/Him

Emmy Nordstrom Higdon: non-binary trans literary agent with Westwood Creative Artists.
Pronouns: They/Them

If you are a trans and/or non-binary literary agent and would like to be included in this directory, please send a message through the contact page!

Other Useful Trans and Queer Resources and Databases

The Trans Language Primer

The Enby Book List

The YA Trans OwnVoices Masterlist

The Transathon Reading Challenge


The New Adult Revolution Database

The Aromantic and Asexual Characters in Fiction Database

Big5 Non-Binary Authors

This list is a work in progress, but may I recommend some of the non-binary folks who have had their work bought and published by one of the Big5 publishers (which means that their books are generally widely distributed and available through libraries!).

Please note: identities, pronouns, and words used to describe gender are fluid. This list is not perfect, and is intended as a resource. If there is someone on this list who has been accidentally misrepresented somehow, or I am missing someone who should be included, please let me know through the contact page!

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Violence Against Trans People at the Toronto Public Library

Since this is something I’ve written a lot about, I wanted to compile the resources that I have on this topic for easy reference, with a particular shoutout to thank Gwen Benaway, who has been particularly outspoken on this issue.

An open book with creepy eyes on the inside.