There aren’t a lot of trans and enby folks doing visible work in books and publishing right now, and sometimes it can be hard to find those who are. The trans book bloggers, vloggers, and other literary content creators who I follow are listed below. Aside from generating their own content, they are also amplifying trans voices in the industry, and promoting trans authors and writing.

Note: If you are a trans and/or non-binary content producer, and you would like to be featured on this page, please send me a message through the contact page!

The YA Trans OwnVoices Masterlist

Corey’s Book Corner

Bogi Reads the World

Sapphic Book Club

Yarn Owl Reads

actual spinster

perpetual pages

Polo Lonergan



A. Z. Louise

Other Useful Resources and Book Databases

The Trans Language Primer

The YA Trans OwnVoices Masterlist


The New Adult Revolution Database

The Aromantic and Asexual Characters in Fiction Database

An open book with creepy eyes on the inside.